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Experience Fresh Air with EverFilter Filters

EverFilter 6 pack air filter
EverFilter 2in merv8

1" Air Filters

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HVAC Services in Sarasota,FL


Standard and
Custom Size Air Filters

Purity Air manufactures aluminum reusable air filter frames that can be paired with a variety of filtration media. 

We can make 1" and 2" filter frames with +/- 1mm accuracy for an exact custom air filter fit.


Commercial Air Filter Maintenance

Commercial Air Filter Maintenance services tailored for businesses in Sarasota, Florida. Our comprehensive solution ensures your commercial HVAC system operates efficiently while maintaining superior indoor air quality.


Duct Cleaning

Purity Air provides duct cleaning services for Sarasota, FL  and surrounding areas. 

Indoor Air Quality is our mission and with residential duct cleaning, and duct sanitation our customers can breath clean. 


An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Disposable FIlters

EverFilter is an eco-friendly and cost reducing alternative to disposable filters for your HVAC system. Made of high quality aluminum and steel, our filter frame paired with our MERV-8 media replacements offer a lifetime of clean air in your home.

EverFilter has a high airflow backing that allows your system to operate at high efficency while our precut media pads collects nasty microscopic particles such as lint, dust mites, spores and pollen.

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